LaRon Chadwick

As Founder of Chadwick Financial Solutions, LaRon Chadwick built herself as a credit and financial guru in helping clients across the United States. As a victim of Identity Theft herself Chadwick knows first hand the importance of educating others to protect themselves and fighting the battle against Identity Thieves. LaRon saw that there was a need in the community to educate others on the importance of credit and felt that most people did not have access to credible information. LaRon graduated from The University of Texas with a BBA in Business Management. She also has numerous certifications in finance, and the credit industry. LaRon also assists small businesses to establish business credit and funding. She is a licensed insurance agent, and is currently registered in the state of Texas ,Louisiana, Arkansas, Maryland, Nevada & North Carolina. LaRon is a native of Longview, TX and has four wonderful children Breana, Jason, Victoria, and Amber Chadwick. LaRon enjoys spending time with her family, giving back to the community, and reading. LaRon has always had a love for real estate. She knew that real estate is an important part of creating wealth. If you are looking to purchase your first home, upgrade, or even looking to find your first investment property, she can be with you every step of the way from credit to close. Give LaRon Chadwick a call to assist you with all your Real Estate Needs! 903.220.1157