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Mark Pruitt
Cow-Owner State Realty

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Marcus Pruitt, co-owner of State Realty, based in Longview, TX, is a 40 year commercial, residential and land broker. Mr. Pruitt has represented a large array of real estate transactions in his area. He is a Landlord, Investor, Property Manager, experienced Real Estate Broker and Appraiser. Mr. Pruitt specializes in applying his expertise and market knowledge to broker commercial offices which exceeds the investment goals of his clients. His innovation and entrepreneurial mindset lead him to real estate upon being laid off in the oil field. Mr. Pruitt served as a Longview City Councilman from 1989-1993. He was co-founder and President of Longview Metro Chamber of Commerce. In addition to being an active member of the community; Mr. Pruitt also attends Galilee Baptist Church. Marcus had ambitions of becoming an entrepreneur early in his life. His siblings often brag on how he would pack their lunches and give them snack money every morning before seeing them off for school. He also took initiative to making sure the household was taken care of and lectured everyone on how important it was to educate yourself. Mark has always taken leadership and responsible roles. This led to him attending Jarvis Christian College where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and an Associate in Real Estate. Mr. Pruitt is also a licensed Real Estate Appraiser. He has built a successful Real Estate and Insurance Agency where he has maintained successful businesses since 1980.