Timberly Hall

Timberly is a native of Los Angeles, California (and its surrounding areas). Her religious experience began at The Living Gospel Church where she has always been a dedicated worker in the church. She was a sports enthusiast and participated in basketball, volleyball, and softball. She plays the piano and is an outstanding clarinet player. One of her favorite hobbies is reading. Timberly Hall received her BS degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management from California State University, Long Beach. She began her career in the insurance industry as a Workers’ Compensation Claims Specialists and was also an instructor for the Insurance Education Association. In 2005 she began her second career as a Realtor at State Realty in Longview, Texas. She specializes in the sale of residential properties and property management. Timberly is married to her husband Charles. She is a devoted mother to her three wonderful sons, A.J., Jonathan and Caleb. Since June of 2017, her family owns and operates Jodac Office Outfitters. Timberly’s most outstanding qualities include being a hard worker, analytical, perseverance, tenacity, fortitude and above all else a good listener. She enjoys working with others to see them be successful. Because Timberly believes in home ownership and investing, she decided to pursue a career in real estate. Timberly Hall specializes in exceeding your expectation of real estate service and making your dreams come true!!!!! MAKE THAT CALL TO TIMBERLY HALL!